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Telling your story with intention is how our female-led team creates a film tailored to your personality and taste. I believe every film is a family heirloom—a moving time capsule for future generations to cherish.
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Finding a wedding videographer is a lot like finding that perfect pair of jeans…You want someone who makes you feel comfortable, supported, and most importantly makes you look DANG good. The truth is, your photo & film team spend more time with you than your spouse does on most wedding days, so finding someone you not only get along with, but also enjoy hanging out with is really important. 

So, here are 5 reasons why I may not be the best fit for you, OR you could call them 5 reasons why we should definitely work together!

1. Did We Just Become Best Friends? If you’re the kind of person that wants to swipe your credit card and have a videographer show up on your wedding day.. my videography services may not be for you. I LOVE getting to know my couples. This means an in-person coffee date or a Skype/FaceTime session with you and your fiancé. This means following you on social media and cheering every time you have an engagement party or a shower. (Or when you say yes to the dress! Yay!) It also means mourning with you if you lose someone you love, and laughing with you when your girls surprise you with a life size cardboard version of your fiancé  for the bachelorette trip. (True story—they are awesome and hilarious and I love them.) I didn’t get into this business to make money. I started doing this service for couples because I love making new friends and celebrating with people about to start a life together. So if you aren’t looking for this kind of experience, we may not be a good fit. 

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2. Pinterest is my Love Language Wedding planning is so much fun. Yes, it can get hectic and stressful, but all in all, it’s planning the biggest, most fun party you’ll ever have. I love supporting my brides as they plan their weddings. Yes, I’m a videographer, but I can provide some great tips for planning. (Have you seen this sample *planner approved* timeline resource I am offering?)  I also love being able to provide that voice of assurance to my couples, ensuring them that it will all turn out great and in the end, they will be married to their best friend. So, if you don’t want me to send out the occasional helpful wedding planning tip & encouraging note, then we may not be the best fit. ​

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3. The Bridesmaid You Never Knew You Needed I had the best time at my wedding. My friends and family made it such a fun day. If anything went wrong, I didn’t know about it, thank goodness! I was able to be present on my day and just enjoy the moments with my husband. Because my day was so great, I want to ensure that my clients have that same easy, fun, and relaxing day as well. This means that I’ll do whatever it takes to help keep the day flowing smoothly, because I believe you deserve that. I’ve played the videographer and planner many a wedding day, and I loved it. This means I’ve bustled the occasional dress, pinned many a boutonniere, and yes, even got pulled onto the dance floor to show off how awkward I am—camera in hand. I also pride myself in my ability to work with photographers. I always let them know that we are on team Bride & Groom, and it is my goal to make sure they get the best possible photos of y’all. (Because if the photos are lookin’ great, so will your video!) This is not a video production starring you two, it’s a cinematic documentary of your perfect day. I love ensuring you get just that..and 20 years from now you’re still saying how easy and carefree the day was, thanks to our teamwork. So if you are looking for someone who is going to play all important movie director & produce a music video featuring the two of you, again..might not be me. 

4. Where Shopping Is a Pleasure! Again, coming from the perspective of a former bride, I know you are shelling out a lot of money for this wedding. That’s why I believe in providing the best value and experience for my clients. Look, I just want you to have a great experience AND a beautiful film. Anyone can film a wedding nowadays, but I believe it takes a different kind of expertise to create a beautiful, give-you-all-the-feels kind of video that becomes a true family heirloom ALL WHILE fostering a valued relationship with you two. I make it my mission to capture the moments that mean the most to you two. Interactions between a giddy bride and her sweet Momma as they put on THE DRESS, goofy groomsmen helping ease the nerves of an excited groom..I love capturing these moments. You know what else I love? Audio! Life happens in movement and sound, and I believe your wedding film should include that sound. That’s why I get so excited when my couples say they are doing personal vows or reading letters to each other. What better soundtrack to your day than your excited voices, talking about how much you love each other?? So if you don’t like great quality audio & a fun experience, I may not be the gal for you. 

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5. Like Chic Fil-A, but with Video Client experience is key to my business. I’ve been on the other end of the client experience enough to know that I would much rather work with someone who makes our time together enjoyable and values me as a client than a person who is solely out to get paid and get to work. That’s why I will spend a little extra to grocery shop at Publix, or grab a coffee from the local shop instead of the mermaid-logo’d place down the road. (No offense to you Starbucks lovers.) Providing a boutique wedding videography business means creating an environment that is warm and comfortable, accepting of your flaws (because I have them too) and focusing on your strengths as a couple entering into this awesome thing called marriage. If the client experience isn’t fantastic, it just isn’t worth the price tag, IMO. 

So there you have it. If you’re reading this and think, wow, that is way too much. I just want someone to come video my ceremony and be done…Well you absolutely have the right to find someone to provide that service for you. It just wouldn’t be right for that person to be me. 

On the other hand, if you’re someone who is looking for a comfortable, friendly environment. (Albeit sometimes a little goofy.) Give me a call (or just click the handy little button below & contact me), I’d love to gush over wedding details with you!


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  1. Claire Gross says:

    Sounds like you are a good fit for brides wanting a very memorable wedding.

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