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Telling your story with intention is how our female-led team creates a film tailored to your personality and taste. I believe every film is a family heirloom—a moving time capsule for future generations to cherish.
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There is just something about the grain and artifacts on a roll of Super 8 film that immediately makes you feel like you are stepping back into a moment in time. As wedding filmmakers, that is our ultimate goal. We live for those little interactions that lend to the nostalgia…that bring up further memories of our lives just by viewing a short clip. Our obsession with film has led to this exciting announcement! We are now offering a Super 8 film add-on for our clients.

I (Megan) started experimenting with the medium in the beginning of April, and after taking our new baby- a Canon 814 AZ rebuilt and updated by Pro8mm- on a work trip to Savannah, Georgia I fell in love with it. (I mean, how precious does my Momma look strolling around the Parisian Market downtown?)

Like this article written in Wedding Sparrow says, ” the tangible nature of film has always been beautiful to us. Those heirloom photographs of our grandparents at their wedding still take pride of place in our hearts and home and of course we want that longevity too.” YES. To all of that. We have long felt that your wedding video should be viewed as an heirloom, and now that we can have a cinematic video, with “the feeling that we’re watching a film about us rather than of us, are all reasons why we love it.”

Super 8 Wedding Films

To answer some questions for you:

So what is Super 8 film? Is it photographs? Will you be taking pictures instead of video? | Super 8mm film is a motion picture film format created by Kodak in the 1960’s. It was a popular film camera for families, and gave them the opportunity to capture their moments in a way only Hollywood could before!

Is there sound? | No, today’s Super 8 film does not capture sound. However, we use other recording devices to capture sound and use it in addition to the film. Audio is still of utmost importance to us and our style of storytelling!

Will our film be ONLY Super 8? | At this time, this medium will be used in conjunction with our modern, high definition cameras. It will blend in seamlessly with the story. As we continue to capture weddings with film, we will start incorporating more.

How much film is captured per wedding? | At this time, we plan to shoot 1 roll of film for every hour of coverage. Each roll of film provides 3 minutes of video.

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Perfect Compliment to Film Photography

As more couples are choosing Hybrid or All-Film Photographers, we are excited to offer a video option that will compliment their film photos seamlessly. Super 8 functions best in natural light, and its textures, beautiful light leaks and soft whirring sound make for a romantic, nostalgic feeling video, just like your film photography. The grain, texture and style of Super 8 has been imitated by many modern filmmakers, but never truly replicated..and we can’t wait to see how it brings your memories to life!

Feel free to Contact us if you’d like more information about adding Super 8 to your wedding film.

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