How to Have a Genuine, True-to-You Wedding Film


Telling your story with intention is how our female-led team creates a film tailored to your personality and taste. I believe every film is a family heirloom—a moving time capsule for future generations to cherish.
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newlywed couple at pursell farms wedding, exiting in luxury vintage car.
Photo by Meredith Benton

You Don’t Want a Cookie-Cutter Wedding- Why have a cookie-cutter film?

You spend months working with your planner and designer, selecting linens and seating plans, tasting meal options and cakes, selecting the perfect band to get your guests on the dance floor. Your wedding day is unique to who you two are as a couple-but how do you make sure your wedding film isn’t just like everyone else’s?

3 Tips for A True-to-You Wedding Film

1. Don’t follow trends – set them.

As you are working with your planner and wedding designer, consider looking for inspiration outside of Pinterest. If it’s already pinned, it’s already been done! Look to your favorite destinations, fashions, interior design, and art instead.

guests greeted with champagne at montgomery country club
Photo by Kim Box

2. Showcase your love story in subtle ways.

You may think your “how we met” or “how we fell in love” story isn’t much different from others, but let us tell you– it’s perfectly yours. Where did you say “I love you” for the first time? When was the moment you realized that this was THE ONE? Mentioning these details to your planning and design team will help them incorporate subtle touches that wink at those moments. Did you spend a beautiful summer together in France? Have guests greeted at the reception with French Champagne served alongside a sprig of provincial berries. Maybe you finished many a college night out at Gus’s famous hot dog stand- consider this for a late-night food pass. As your wedding filmmaker, we’ll always be on the lookout for these special touches. We love hearing the stories and intention behind the details- and incorporating them in your wedding video.

bride and groom read wedding day letters
Photo by Kim Box

3. Write Custom Vows or Letters

One of the easiest ways to have a truly unique wedding film is to write your own vows. We love capturing these words of intention and love, promises of what is to come. Using the utmost care and discretion, we craft a wedding film that uses your vows and letters as an accompanying note-not an in-your-face or intrusive blast-but gently telling your story alongside cinematic imagery. Not big on being the center of attention? No problem. We can come to the rehearsal dinner to capture your loved ones giving sweet toasts about the two of you and use them within your film.

Photo by Kim Box

4. Choose the Wedding Filmmaker Who Cares About Story

Here is a hard truth. If your wedding filmmaker is taking on clients every weekend–they most likely don’t have time to devote to learning your story and creating a film tailored to your personality and taste. Watch their films. Does every film seem to follow a chronological formula? At the end of the film, do you find yourself thinking, “wait, who were they again?” or “I feel like I know these people. This video made me FEEL something.” That is our goal. Telling your story with intention. Attention to detail, attention to your story, and presence around one another.

To see some of our films (and the incredible ways our clients incorporated personal, intentional detail) follow these links:

Beautiful Pursell Farms Wedding with Personal Vows | Cara & Parker

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Special thanks to Kim Box & Meredith Benton for sharing these images with us.

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