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Super8 Wedding Video

It’s not just your grandparent’s old camera!

Once a tool for families to use in capturing their most intimate moments, Super8 wedding video has begun to reemerge onto the scene to capture today’s weddings in a new yet nostalgic light.

We love Super8 wedding videos and are thrilled to offer this service to our clients. As more couples choose hybrid or all-film Photographers, we love that we can provide a seamless video option that will complement their film photos. So why do we love to add Super8 film to our wedding videos?

super8 wedding video super8 film super8 wedding film

An Elevated Offering

Super8 Wedding Video = Art in your wedding film

Super8 wedding video is captured on film and functions best in natural light. Its textures, beautiful light leaks, and soft whirring sound make for a romantic, nostalgic feeling video, just like film photography. Since our forte is capturing outdoor, tented weddings, Super8 film is the perfect medium for adding that perfectly imperfect into our clients’ films.

The grain, texture, and style of Super8 wedding videos have been imitated by many modern filmmakers but never truly replicated.

We love how it brings your memories to life! There is just something about seeing your favorite nephew fiddling with his tie or you & your new spouse stealing a kiss on film. These moments that occur during the in-between, unscripted and unfiltered, are showcased stunningly with Super8 film.

Faena Wedding, Faena Wedding video, Faena hotel, super8 film, super8 videographer
Faena Wedding, Faena Wedding video, Faena hotel, super8 film, super8 videographer
Photos by Lorren & Braman

Super8 Film Education

Now for the technical. (Showing off our nerd side.)

We love Super8 wedding video because it is a new challenge for us-showing us new perspectives and expanding our creativity. We use Kodak Tri-X, Ektachrome 100D, Vision3 200T, and 500T film Super8 video stocks. Each stock has its pros and cons, but the stock we find ourselves reaching time and again is the 500T. With a simple filter, this stock can be versatile, allowing us to film indoors (tungsten) and outdoors (daylight).

We film in 18fps, the frame rate at which most Super8 films were captured during its heyday. We love how this particular frame rate gives the footage a more realistic feel since it isn’t as smooth as 24fps or 60fps. When used alongside our 4k 60 footage, it is the perfect juxtaposition. Each roll of film can have about five minutes of footage recorded. (And it can cost 150+ per roll, including the cost of scanning.)

Afterward, we send our film to Negativeland on the East Coast for processing, and then it’s time to enjoy the magic. If you are a filmmaker

Cape may wedding, super8 wedding video
Photo by Charla Storey


There’s so much more to capturing a wedding than simply using a camera, from the emotions we bear witness to the incredible destinations we get to call our “workplace.” Using Super8 wedding video helps us fully showcase our clients and their full stories. We hope you fall in love with this medium as much as we have. To see some of our most recent work with Super8 film, check out our Portfolio.

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