10 things Wedding Pros do for Brides  that have *Nothing* to do with Photography or Videography..


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  Did you know that if you hire the right person to do your wedding videography or photography, you’re basically ensuring that your wedding day goes as smoothly as it could?* 

As a wedding videographer, I have one goal for your wedding day. Make it a smooth, happy day for you so I can capture all of the romantic, precious moments. Do you know how this happens? Well, let me tell you, knowing my way around a camera can only get me so far. So here’s a few things that I do ( and a few of my photographer friends have done) to ensure our brides have a GREAT wedding day.

  1. Our Job as Videographer or Photographer- OK, this one is obvious. Yes, I’m going to arrive early, be professional, look professional, act professional & I’m going to turn out a product that you’ll be happy with. My number one goal is to help you look your best on camera and to capture those great moments as they happen, organically. Sometimes…I get to play other roles on a wedding day..
  2. Florist or Flower-Fixer-Upper – Y’all. I can pin a mean boutonniere. I can bring wilting bouquets back to life. It’s a skill you learn when you have been the MOH, Bridesmaid, or Videographer (or both MOH & Videographer at the same time! Click here for that story!)  in several weddings. And I’m not the only one who’s a pro at this. My photographer friend from the UK, Paula Brown, says “I always have to show people how to do the button holes for flowers.” In fact, according to my other photographer friend, Chenoa Allyse, with Let There Be Light Photography, “Photographers are also often the ones positioning and pinning on the boutonnieres.” If you think about it..besides your prom, how many times have you had to do this? Hi, I’m the videographer and I’d love to help you out with that.
    3. People Wrangler – Part of our job as videographers and photographers is to make sure the important people of the day are in the video. That means sometimes going to get your future Mother-In-Law from the kitchen, where she’s sneaking a pre-wedding glass of wine. 😉 *Extra points if your pro can smoothly discourage excess pre-ceremony drinking…no one wants a sloppy ceremony due to over indulging the morning of the wedding..* Bridal party needs to be lined up for an epic sparkler exit? I’m your gal.

4. The little things no one else may notice- My photographer friend, Christine Goins says, “My sister’s photographers helped the caterer bus our table! It was so super sweet of them. It was a small intimate wedding and the two ladies cooking were having a hard time delivering the family style meal.” And you know what, if I were in that situation, and I saw that my pictures or video were not going to turn out great due to the tables, you bet I’d pitch in to help. Those pictures you love of your dress? We can bring the pretty hanger, in case you forgot yours! In fact, my friend Benjamin Clifford, with Benjamin Clifford Photography, says he always brings one, just in case! ​

5. Weather Watcher Officianado- The week of a wedding, we’re watching the Weather Channel just as much as you are! Just call me James Spann, I’m prepared for whatever weather may come. (And we always have a backup plan if weather does become an issue! Hello beautiful clear umbrella & rain photos…)

6. Wedding Coordinator-  Sometimes, you need some help on your wedding day…knowing when to cut the cake or how to toast to each other. Sometimes you need someone to let the band know you’re ready for your grand entrance! For many of my clients, it’s their first time being a bride, so you may not know exactly what to do when the time comes, or when that time is. I can help!

7. Dress Bustler – “I had a bride who’s bustle ties were not holding her dress, just so happened to have giant safety pins with me and we bustled her up and sent her back out to her groom!” – Jordan Cemorelis, Photographer

8. Bridesmaid in waiting- Chenoa Allyse explained to me  that she has actually helped a bride lace up her dress before. (Here is a tip for those small buttons- use a crochet hook! You’re welcome.)

Groom can’t figure out how to put on cuff links? We can figure that out. Whatever is needed, we’ll do, because we’re nice like that! Need to encourage guests onto the dance floor? I’ll get them up! Guest had a little too much to drink? Well…we can handle them with professionalism and ease. (And, no, intoxicated person, you can not hold my camera…)

9. Hair and Makeup Artists- Jessica Brees is a photographer with Wildflower Photography. She says she’s actually “fixed a lot of updos! And seem to always help the DJ with the flow and order of reception events.” 

    10. All around fixer-upper- Basically, if it needs fixing in order to make your video or photos look good, we’ll do it. That may mean cleaning the room you get ready in to reduce the amount of clutter in the shot. That may mean fashioning a fastener out of a twist tie when your Dad pops his jacket button right before seeing you in your dress for the first time. (True story) Again, we’re here to help you remember the pretty things that happen on your day, and will do our best to make sure they happen the way you envision them!
Adding a Number 11, because it’s my blog, and I’ll do as I please..

11. Light Wranglers- We’re going to trek all over that venue until we’ve found the perfect lighting for your portraits. We’re going to turn off all the artificial lights in the dressing room and place you in front of the window to get in your dress. No, we’re not crazed sunbathers or glittering vampires, we’re just searching for that “creamy, dreamy” look we know you’ll love once you see your final images and video!

So what are some other things you can you think of that you’d like your wedding pro to be able to do? Anything on this list surprise you? Leave a comment below!

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  1. As a working in luxury wedding videography firm, I would say to be a lady of the hour on your big day! Do all the arranging in advance. On the day, trust the individuals around you and let go. A cheerful lady and lucky man who are at the time are so incredible to photo.

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